Days of Atlantis

Like matter through a wormhole, so are the days of Atlantis

Atlantis, Pegasus Galaxy
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Like matter through a wormhole, so are the days of Atlantis.

The Premise
In this series, we are introduced to the characters of Atlantis Security Co., headed by Dr Elizabeth Weir and her trusted Head of Security, John Sheppard. They are a group of intrepid entrepreneurs trying to find a foothold for their small security company, which is a subsidiary of the larger StarGate Security Company (SSC).

The company is charged with the security and protection of their clients (various Pegasus planets) from a deadly enemy known as the Wraith. The company is generally fighting for their own survival against the Wraith and the other ruthless security companies that resent the new competition (eg. Genii Corp.). They are also constantly racing to be the first to discover new security technologies to stay ahead in their field.

Such an emotionally charged atmosphere is obviously the perfect setting for a soap opera of a high calibre, as the men and women of Atlantis fight, love, wheedle, snark and sleep their way into all kinds of interesting intrigue.

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